24 volt jumper boxes

Bring your car back to life with the power of these 24 volt jumper boxes. You’ll never have to waste a time and money waiting a towing service or a friend to give you a boost.

the list of 12/24 volt jumper packs on sale

the top rated battery jump starter of 24v

Clore Automotive Truck PAC ES1224 3000/1500 Peak Amp 12/24V Jump Starter
  • 12/24 Volt Operation
  • 3000 Peak Amps (12 Volt), 1500 Peak Amps (24 Volt)

pros about these portable jump starters of 12/24 volt

Versatile: The vast majority of these 24v jump starters also come with an option to switch them to 12v, which gives you an additional option to jump start most cars out there. And this without having to pay more.

Powerful: Most 24 volts vehicles come with big engines, and that is why these boosters have all the power these motors need to get up and running. Really these will serve to fire up either your 4-cylinder sedan or a big diesel engine truck.

Portable: With this great power also comes great portability. That is right, these boosters are compact in design so they fit easily inside your trunk so you have power when you need it.

Safe tech: Safety is a must, and that is why you don’t have to worry about sparks or potential damage to your car. These jumper boxes come equipped with technology to eliminate sparks and prevent overcurrent situations, resulting in zero risk to you and your vehicles.

Cost-effective: As incredible as it seems, you get all of these features without having to spend a fortune. Besides, most 24v vehicles are in the commercial sector, so a dead battery means delays and potential fines. Thus, the money you pay for these compared to the amounts paid for delays in projects or deliveries is miniscule, making these a smart investment.


doesn’t a 24v jump starter work with 12v cars?

No. It is very important to use a booster with a voltage rating equal to the voltage rating of the battery of the vehicle. Otherwise it won’t work and the car won’t start.

Is it better A 24V OR A 12/24V JUMP STARTER?

It really depends on the user. If you have cars with batteries in both categories then it is best a 12/24, yet if you only have 24v cars, then that is what you need.