Jump Starters for Trucks

These jump starters are very powerful and safe to operate at the same time. Truck drivers feel safer with one of these since a truck dead battery leads to delays, fines, and losses. Here is all you want to know about these jumper packs as well as the best deals to get yours at the best price.

here are the best jumper boxes for trucks

the catalog of popular truck jump packs on sale

What is the best jump starter for truck?

GOOLOO 6750A Jump Starter GT-Truck, Heavy Duty Car Jumper Starter (for Up to 16L Diesel & All Gas Engines), Lithium Jump Box, SuperSafe Portable Car Battery Charger Power Bank for 12V Vehicles
  • HEAVY DUTY JUMP STARATER: Gooloo GT-TRUCK battery jump starter is capable of starting up to All gas or 16.0L diesel engines with 6750 Peak Amp output….
  • LARGE CAPACITY PORTABLE CHARGER: The GT-TRUCK portable car battery jump starter is equipped with 118Wh battery capacity, featuring USB Type-C charging…


Great price: Some of these jump starters for trucks seem to have a high price, yet when you compare that to the cost-savings for delivering products on time, not having to pay extra hours to drivers and potential fines, the price of these jumper boxes can be considered a true bargain.

Powerful: These truck booster packs produce an enormous amount of power to jump start big engines, both gas and diesel.

Can start other cars: Given the power these big truck jumper boxes can produce, they are also good for other cars with smaller engines, so your investment can serve not only for your big trucks for also for your family and personal cars.

Charge your phone and other small electronics: These units come with USB ports which can be used to charge your phone, cameras, drones and other small electronics. And since these commercial truck jump starters are big and powerful, you can charge your devices several times.

Power up small appliances: Most of these portable jump starters for trucks come with a 12 volt DC port to help you power up appliances like coffee machines and lamps, to help shorten those long hours on the road.

faqs about these truck jump starter power pack

how do these units get charged?

These jump starters are charged using a USB port. You can charge them from the wall outlet or from your car, using a cigarette lighter adapter.


Generally not. For the most part, these units are just boosters, but do not charge nor maintain your truck battery. You may be able to find a unit to do both things, but most of these units are only jump starters.

Will these burn my car’s battery since they produce so much power?

No. These units can jump start a truck or a small car, and they will supply the power each engine requires to start and nothing more, so there is no risk of these units burning your car’s battery.