suaoki PORTABLE jump starters

Power on the go with Suaoki! Unrivaled reliability in a compact package. Suaoki jump starters, the smart choice for any journey.

SUAOKI jumper packs on sale catalog


These are great alternative jump starters with unbeatable prices and reliable performance.

the best suaoki portable jump starter

Here is the best selling jump starter Suaoki is offering right now because of its unbeatable price and powerful features.

SUAOKI U28 2000A Peak Jump Starter Pack, 12V Auto Battery Booster (for ALL Gas or 8.0L Diesel Engines) with USB Power Bank, LED Flashlight and Smart Battery Clamps for 12V Car & Boat, UL Certified
  • 【2000A PEAK CAR STARTER】Safely(UL2743 Certified) jump start a dead battery in seconds on ALL gasoline engines and diesel engines up to 8.0L…
  • 【Doubles AS POWER BANK】Recharge smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices when you need them most; SUAOKI jump starter power bank comes with…

ADVANTAGES of the suaoki portable jump starters

Compact Design: The jumpers from Suaoki are compact and lightweight, making them easy to store and carry for emergencies.

High-Capacity Battery: The Suaoki boosters are equipped with high-capacity batteries, providing reliable power for multiple jump starts.

Multi-Function: These jumper boxes from this brand come with additional features like a flashlight and a USB charger, adding more utility.

Safety Features: Suaoki units are designed with advanced safety features, including short-circuit and over-voltage protection.

Wide Compatibility: These jumpers are suitable for various types of vehicles, making them a versatile choice for users.

FAQS about suaoki car jumper packs

How long does it take to fully charge the jumper box from this brand?

It typically takes 3-5 hours to fully charge these boosters, depending on the power source.

Can I use these jumpers in extreme weather conditions?

Yes, these units are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, from freezing cold to scorching heat.

is there a warranty for these jumper packs?

Yes, these products come with a warranty. For specific details, refer to the product manual or contact customer support.