kinverch jump starters

Don’t let a dead battery ruins your morning again. Smart drivers choose Kinverch jump starters because they are powerful, portable, and affordable. Get yours here!

The catalog of the KINVERCH car jump starters on sale

the best kinverch portable jump starter

Kinverch Jump Starter with Air Compressor 1000 Peak Portable Battery Jump Starter&USB Port/12V Power Ports
  • Kinverch1000 Peak Amp car Jump Starter provides power for jump starting vehicles,you no longer need to turn to others for help when your vehicle…
  • The 12 volt power outlet sockets allow you to charge any 12V appliance like car vaccum and mini fridge on the go; With the 2A USB port,you can also…

advantages of owning a kinverch power pack

Compact: The small design of these units allow them to fit most places in your car, so you can take them with you anywhere you want.

Reliable: The boosters from Kinverch work when you need them to. Dead batteries do not warn and that is why having a reliable unit is a must.

Powerful: These Kinverch jumper packs can jump start most gas vehicles and even some diesel engines.

Multi-function: Kinverch jumpers won’t just give that initial boost to your car but also inflate your tires and power up your smartphones and other gadgets. You get 3 units in 1.

Safety Features: The risk of damaging your car’s electronics is forever gone with these jumper packs. Kinverch has integrated safe technology to their units so you never have to worry about overcharges, sparks, and many other potential risks that you have when you use jumper cables.


If you are looking for alternatives to a Kinverch booster, then you want to pick a Jumtop jump starter. This brand also makes compact and powerful jumper packs and their price makes them a great investment.


Do these come with a flashlight?

Yes. These flashlights come integrated to the units so you can jumpstart your car in low light situations.

Are these good for 6v VEHICLES OR ONLY 12V?

Just for 12V. If you need to jump start a car or vehicle with a 6V battery you need a jump starter that matches that voltage rating.