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Gooloo was established in 2012 and since then they have been specializing in building multi-purpose jump starters, portable power stations and other auto parts. Since then, this brand has managed to become one of the leading names in the jump starters market and they continue to do this today.

In 2017, the GP4000 booster from Gooloo won the prestigious IF Design award among many other competitors from the world. Today, this model is the flagship product of the company and users continue to praise it not only for its features but also because it is pretty affordable.

Gooloo continues innovating and bringing new power solutions to people until today. You will find their jump boxes to be efficient, easy to carry and simple to use.

Gooloo started after the founder of the company was trapped with a dead battery in extreme weather for 36 hours in Alaska in 2011. One year later, Gooloo was born to help people in these situations to have a fast, simple and reliable way to get out of an event like this.

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Power solutions you can get from Gooloo

Gooloo is all about making sure you have a reliable power source available wherever you go. This is why they offer much more than jump starters. In fact, they make battery chargers and portable power stations as well.

If you like to be on the road a lot and like to have outdoor adventures then Gooloo should be in your contacts list.

Pros and Cons of Gooloo Jump Boxes

Portable solutions: These jump boxes are very portable and you can store these easily in your car and have it with you all the time.

Can power up to 12L for both gas and diesel vehicles: Some of these boosters are powerful enough to jump start 12L Diesel vehicles. This is fantastic for a box that fits the palm of your hand and weighs less than 5 pounds.

Power up several devices: This battery box is not just to boost your vehicle’s battery, but also works to power up your smartphone, laptop and other electronic devices as well. This way you have power to stay connected wherever you are.

No alternator check feature: These boosters from Gooloo do not come with an alternator testing feature, which is something other brands offer.

Last Comments

Gooloo is a company that you want to know more about if you do a lot of outdoor adventures and want to have power wherever you go.

These jump starters are very portable and you can forget about having to deal with a dead battery while on the road. At the same time, if you need power for other electronic devices while on the road, Gooloo boosters are the solution you need.

GOOLOO GP2000 Jump Starter 2000A Peak Car Starter for Up to 9L Gas or 7L Diesel Engine SuperSafe 12V Jump Box Auto Lithium Battery Booster Portable Power Pack with USB Quick Charge, Type-C Port
  • Starts Most Dead Auto Batteries - GOOLOO GP2000 12V portable car jump starter battery pack is powerful enough to start vehicles (up to 9.0L gas engine...
  • Portable Power Supply – More than a car battery charger, the GOOLOO GP2000 car jump starter battery pack includes three USB Ports (15W TYPE-C, USB...