avapow jump starters

Power your journey with Avapow jump starters! Compact, high-powered, & reliable for all-weather conditions. Get back on the road swiftly & safely. Avapow, always your power backup!


What is the best avapow car jump starter?

AVAPOW Car Jump Starter, 4000A Peak Battery (for All Gas or Up to 10L Diesel), Portable Booster Power Pack, 12V Auto Jump Box with LED Light, USB Quick Charge 3.0
  • POWERFUL & LARGE CAPACITY – The AVAPOW car jump starter provides up to 4000A peak current, which can start all 12V cars (including hybrid power), such…
  • INTELLIGENT PROTECTION – The jumper clamp is designed to be sturdy and durable, and the cable is of sufficient length to make it more convenient to…

ADVANTAGES OF avapow Car Jumpers

High Power Output: Avapow car battery jump starters deliver high power output, enabling them to jump start a wide range of vehicles from small cars to large trucks. They offer rapid charge for emergency situations.

Compact Design: Despite their power, these are designed to be compact and portable. You can easily store them in your vehicle without compromising on space.

All-Weather Reliability: These jumper packs are reliable even in extreme weather conditions. Whether you’re in the scorching heat or freezing cold, Avapow is designed for dependability.

Safety Features: With advanced safety measures, Avapow jumper boxes prevent short-circuit, over-temperature, reverse-connection and over-charge. Your vehicle’s safety is our top priority.

Long Battery Life: These jumpers have a long-lasting battery life. This means they retain their charge for longer periods, ready to help when you need them most.


Can these charge devices other than vehicles?

Yes, they also feature USB ports that allow you to charge other devices like phones and laptops.

Is it safe to use Avapow devices in harsh weather conditions?

Absolutely, they’re designed to work reliably in all kinds of weather.

What safety features do these have?

They include features to prevent short-circuit, over-temperature, reverse-connection, and over-charge.

How compact are they?

Despite their power, they’re designed to be compact and portable for easy storage in your vehicle. They easily fit under the passenger’s seat or inside the glove box.

How long does their battery last?

They have a long-lasting battery life, remaining charged for extended periods, ready for emergencies.