sypom jump starters

Affordable and portable power is a great combination to get rid of dead batteries. Sypom jump starters offer just that, and people like them because these boosters are also reliable.

the list of sypom car jump starters you can buy online

the top rated sypom jump starter

SYPOM Jump Starter, 4000A Peak Car Battery Jump Starter (for All Gas or Up to 10L Diesel), Portable Car Starter Battery Pack with Extended Smart Jumper Cables,12V Auto Jump Box with LED Light
  • 【5-IN-1 JUMP STARTER】The SYPOM jump starter was designed by cutting-edge technology designers. This jump starter battery pack combines a car…
  • 【POWERFUL BATTERY JUMP STARTER】This car jump starter has a powerful 4000A peak current to start low voltage and fully drained car batteries…

pros about sypom jumper boxes

Compact: Portability is a huge thing for jump starters, and Sypom ones fit mostly anywhere so you can take them with you and have them ready to work.

Reliable: Dead batteries don’t give a warning sign, and so current customers from these products say they are happy they got a jumper pack from Sypom since they were out of trouble in no time.

Powerful: Sypom jumper packs generate between 4000 and 4150 peak amps of current, which is enough to jump start some big diesel engines and most (if not all) gas cars.

Affordable: With a price tag lower to 100 USD, and considering all the time and frustration these units will save you, these boosters are among the best cost-effective portable power solutions in the market.

Multi-function: Besides the boosting technology, the Sypom jumpers also are powerful battery banks to power up and charge your smartphone and other gadgets.


how do you know when these are fully charged?

These boosters have 4 LEDs to indicate the charge level. 4 lights on means they are 100% charged.

will these work in harsh ambient temperatures?

Yes. These jumper packs are designed to work in both extreme cold and very hot weathers.

are these good to start an SUV?

Absolutely. These jump starters can start any V8 gas vehicle.