iclever jump starters

Power up your car battery with the IClever jump starters. If you don’t want to suffer the annoying feeling of a dead battery, these powerful and affordable jumper packs are what you are looking for.

The catalog of the iclever battery jump starters

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advantages of the iclever portable car jump starters

Compact: These jumper packs fit anywhere inside your car given their small size. Yet don’t let them fool you since they are also powerful.

Awesome price: The IClever jumper packs do not pass the 100 USD price tag. This makes them some of the most affordable and effective jumper boxes in the market.

LCD Screen: Other boosters come with LED indicators but these have an LCD screen to give you clear information about the status of your booster box as well as how to jump start your car.

USB Ports: Don’t let your phone or other small gadgets die. If you happen to be in an emergency, the iClever power boosters will charge your phone or tablet in no time.

Integrated flashlight: For those situations when your car battery dies and there is low sunlight, the embedded flashlight will help you do and effective jump start in minutes.

FAQS about these boosters


Yes. You can use these units to jump start diesel vehicles. Just make sure this vehicle is 12V and you are good to go.

Are these lithium or lead acid jump starters?

IClever jump starters come with lithium internal batteries which makes them efficient and compact.

Can i JUMPSTART A 6V engine with these?

No. These boosters are made to jump start 12V engines. If you have something 6V or 24V, you need a jump starter with the same voltage rating to make it work.

Do these come with a warranty?

Yes. IClever back their product with a 12-month warranty. We strongly suggest to check iClever’s website and each model for more information.