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Smart drivers choose super capacitor jump starters because these don’t need charging. Bring your car battery back to life in seconds with the innovative technology of these boosters.

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advantages of using capacitor car starters

No batteries inside: These jump starters do not have a battery of any kind inside. Instead they have one or several capacitors that charge using whatever energy is left in your car’s battery and maximize that power to boost your engine and get it up and running.

No precharge required: Since these have no batteries, capacitor jumper packs don’t need precharging. They get their charge from your car’s battery (yes, even if your battery can’t start your car) in a matter of seconds and take that power back to your car.

Work in harsh ambient temperatures: Lithium or lead-acid batteries can only work in a range of temperatures, but capacitors are able to operate in a wider spectrum of hot and cold climates, making these even more versatile to use in either extreme heat or cold.

Long lifespan: Capacitors have long lifespans and thus these are pretty efficient since you could have one of these for 10 years without having to worry about performance.

Safety Features: Forget about sparks when jump starting a car. These capacitor boosters include technology that make them safe to operate.


are these better than normal battery based jumper packs?

Both have its pros and cons.

Supercapacitor jump starters are pretty good to last a long time and they don’t need a long time for charging as battery based jumpers.

On the other hand, these are not good if your car battery is flat dead since they won’t be able to pull any energy from it. In that case you’ll need a battery based jump starter with force start function.

Also, capacitor jumper boxes don’t have USB charging ports because they don’t store power, so you can’t charge your phone or any other gadget.

It is really a decision based on use, so decide which think your case might be and pick the one that better solves your needs.

Why these don’t need pre-charging?

These boosters only need to extract whatever power is left in your car’s battery and that is accomplished in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

This power is then multiplied by the capacitor’s tech inside these jumper boxes and sent back to your car to get it started.