jumtop jump starters

the best jumptop car battery jumper pack

Compact and powerful, the Jumptop jump starters are made to get your car back on the road as fast as possible. Never get stranded again for a dead battery with these affordable boosters.

12V/3000 Amps Peak

10L Gas/8L Diesel engines

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pros about jumptop power boosters

Compact: Their design allows them to fit anywhere in your car so you can take them with you and have them ready when you need them.

Safety Features: Never fear jumpstarting a car again. With the safety technology packed in these units the sparks are gone as well as the risk of damaging your car electronics.

Embedded flashlight: If you happen to be stranded at the middle of nowhere with low light, the flashlight integrated to these units comes pretty handy.

Powerful: The boosters from Jumptop have enough power to fire up both gas and diesel engines.

Reliable: You can trust these items will work when you need and as you need them to work.

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Can these charge my car’s battery?

Not charge it but jump it. These are not battery chargers.

Can I charge my phone with these units?

Absolutely. Thes have USB ports to charge phones, tablets and more.

Do these come with a warranty?

Yes. Jumptop backs all their products with a 1-year warranty, yet we strongly suggest you to check their website and specific products for more accurate information.

How do you charge these?

Simple use the USB cable provided and charge the unit from a wall outlet or from your car.