solvtin jump starters

People with smart habits have the right tools to get out of trouble in no time. The Solvtin jump starters are that, powerful, reliable and affordable tools to get you back on the road in short time.

the catalog of the solvtin battery jumper packs for sale

the top rated solvtin jumper pack on sale

SOLVTIN S6 Pro Jump Starter 2000A Peak, Portable Car Jump Starter for up to 8L Gas and 6L Diesel, 12V Battery Booster Pack with LCD Display, Jumper Cables, PD30W Type-C Port, QC3.0, LED Light
  • Powerful Jumping Performance: With 2000A peak current, SOLVTIN S6 Pro jump starter can start the car with up to 8L Gas & 6L diesel engines in seconds…
  • Upgraded LCD Screen: Through the LCD display you can clearly see the usage status and remaining electricity of the car starter. Be convenient for you…

pros about solvtin battery boosters

Great price: At less than 100 USD per unit, these are among the most cost effective and fully featured jumper packs in the market.

Compact design: These fit pretty much anywhere and you can take them with you thanks to their compact and small design. This way they are ready whenever you need them.

Multi-function: Boost your car battery and charge your small gadgets like smartphones and cameras. Never let your batteries die again.

Safety features: The sparks while boosting a car battery are in the past. Forget about these with the safety functions Solvtin jumper packs have in their electronics.

Integrated lamp: These flashlights come very handy when there is a low light situation where you need to jump start your car.


are these good for diesel engines?

Yes. These boosters are so powerful they can jump start both gas and diesel engines.

Do these come with a carrying bag?

Yes. Some of these units come with a storage case which not only serves for transportation but also for protection.

How to charge these units?

Via the provided USB cable that comes with the boosters.