autogen jump starters

Revive your vehicle with Autogen Jump Starters – Compact yet potent, they’re the perfect roadside saviors!

The list of autogen portable jump starters on sale

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the top autogen lithium jumper pack

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ADVANTAGES of the car jump starters from autogen

High Ampere Output: Autogen jumper packs deliver substantial power, making them capable of jump-starting vehicles of various sizes.

Dual Charging Modes: These boosters offer versatility with dual charging options – home AC outlet or vehicle DC outlet.

Quick Charge Technology: These units come with quick charge capabilities, ensuring your devices and the jumper itself recharges faster.

Heavy-Duty Construction: Autogen jumpers boast rugged design, making them durable and suited for rough handling.

User-friendly Interface: Autogen’s jumper boxes feature a simple and intuitive interface that ensures easy and stress-free usage.


What is the charge retention of these units?

With a good battery condition, these jumpers can hold a charge for several months.

What size of vehicles can these jump starters handle?

These products can typically handle vehicles with both gasoline and diesel engines, from small cars to large SUVs and trucks.

Are there any precautions for using these jump starters?

It’s recommended not to use these jumpers for extended periods. Allow them to rest and cool down after jump-starting a vehicle.

Can I leave the jump starter connected to my car battery indefinitely?

No, it’s not recommended to leave these jumper packs connected indefinitely. Disconnect after the vehicle starts.

Does the jump starter come with a warranty?

Yes, Autogen offers a warranty on its products. Check product manual for specifics.