foxpeed jump starters

Jumpstarting a car has never been easier for the everyday driver than with the powerful, compact and affordable Foxpeed jump starters. Check all the models here.

The list of foxpeed car battery jumpers on sale

the top rated car booster from foxpeed

Scatach 011 3000A Car Battery Jump Starter,12V Jump Starter Battery Pack (up to 9.0L Gasoline and 7.0L Diesel Engine), Portable Jump Box with 3 Modes Flashlight and Jumper Cable
  • Powerful Car Jumper Starter – The Scatach 011 jump starter with 3000A peak, safely start the 12V vehicles in seconds with this booster(up to 9.0L…
  • Advanced Safety Features – Easy to opearte, and Safely connect to any 12-volt vehicle with intelligent protection systems design, with multiple…

pros about foxpeed and their jumper packs

Compact design: These jumper packs with a lithium internal battery fit inside your glove box or anywhere else in your car. This is why they are so practical and portable, since you can take them with you wherever you go.

Multi-function: Besides giving that boost to your car battery to keep it going, the Foxpeed jump starters can also charge your smartphone and other devices like tablets and cameras, thanks to its integrated USB ports.

Great price: You may be thinking that to get all these features you have to pay a lot, but Foxpeed has some of the most affordable jumper boxes in the market, which currently do not go over the 100 USD mark.

Embedded flashlight: If you run into an emergency in a low light situation, the internal flashlight of these units come pretty handy.

Safety technology: Don’t be scared to jumpstart your car again. With the safety features these jumper packs have the sparks are gone for good.


how to charge these units?

Use the provided USB cable and connect it to either your car, computer or a wall outlet.

Are these car battery chargers?

No. These units only jump start a car battery but cannot charge it nor maintain it.

Do these items come with a warranty?

Yes. Foxpeed backs all their products with a warranty and we strongly suggest you to check the specific product you are interested in to learn more details.