400 amp car battery jump starters

Get back on the road in minutes with these 400 amp car battery jump starters. These are perfect for 6.0L Gas & 3.0L Diesel engines. If your car fits the category, this is the place to be.

THE LIST OF 400 amp jump starterS ON SALE

THE TOP RATED 400a portable emergency jump starter ON SALE

Genie ReliaVolt 400A Peak 12000mAh Car Jump Starter and Battery Booster, Phone Charger Portable Power Pack – Safely Jumpstart Your Car & Charge Your Phone Easily
  • In seconds, Safely jump start your cars dead battery many times on a single charge, with this compact, powerful (400 Peak amps; 12,000mAh) lithium…
  • Not only a car jump starter, but a portable power pack charger and LED flashlight. Recharge tablets, smartphones, cameras and other USB devices.


CAN I DAMAGE my car if the engine size is less than 6L gas or 3l diesel?

No. Your car will pull only what it needs from the booster to get started, so there is no risk of damaging your vehicle.