craftsman battery jump starters

Built to last and with tons of endurance, that is how Craftsman battery jump starters are made. The same philosophy that built trust among tools enthusiast is put into these booster packs.

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Craftsman CMXCESM274 Manual Timer-Controlled Wheeled Battery Charger and Jump Starter for Car, SUV, Truck, and Boat Batteries, 175 Cranking Amps, 12 Volt, Red, 1 Unit
  • Manual Control and Operation – With the Craftsman CMXCESM274’s manual operation, users control the entire charging processes, manually selecting the…
  • Professional Grade – This powerful battery charger and jump starter delivers 175 cranking amps, packing enough power to start SUVs, trucks, and other…

pros about craftsman battery boosters

Powerful: These jumper packs have enough peak amps to jump start V8 cars and also Diesel engines. Owning a Craftsman battery jumper means having the power you need to start your car everytime.

Reliable: Craftsman is well known for being a brand you can trust, and their jumper packs are built with the same philosophy. Every Craftsman car jump starter is made with high quality standards so they work when you need them to.

Portable: Get your booster to anywhere you need it thanks to its small size and compact design.

Safety Features: Forget about sparks and damaged car electronics. The safe technology inside these units make jump starting a car an enjoyable experience.

Car battery charger and maintainers: Some of these models not only jump start your car but also charge and maintain the car battery, which is something not many brands offer.


Are these lithium or lead-acid jump starters?

Both. Craftsman has a line of products where both options are available.

How do you charge these units?

You can use the provided USB cable to charge these from a wall outlet, your car or computer.

do these come with a flashlight?

Yes. Some of these models have an integrated flashlight for low light situations.

Are the craftsman jump boxes safe to use?

Yes. These jump starters come with safety technology like spark-proof and reverse polarity detection to ensure they are safe to operate.