topdon jump starters

Discover the power of Topdon jump starters! Reliable, portable, and designed for your peace of mind. Never be stranded again!

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Car Battery Jump Starter and Battery Tester TOPDON 2-in-1 2200A Peak Battery Jump Starter for Up to 8L Gas/6L Diesel Engines 12V Portable Battery Booster and Tester
  • STARTS DEAD BATTERIES: TOPDON V2200PLUS This powerful 2200 Amp lithium battery starter will bring almost any 12V lead acid battery back to life in…
  • JUMP STARTER AND BATTERY TESTER 2-IN-1: Built-in Bluetooth module allows you to detect the battery health through mobile app, get a detailed,…

ADVANTAGES of the topdon battery boosters

High Compatibility: The units from Topdon are designed to work with a wide range of vehicles, making them highly versatile for drivers of all types.

Built-in Safety Features: The jumpers from this brand have top-of-the-line safety measures in place, including short circuit, over-temperature, and reverse-polarity protection.

Fast Charging Ports: These jumper packs come with fast charging ports for your devices, making them practical for more than just car emergencies.

Compact Design: Topdon’s portable boosters have a compact design, allowing easy storage in glove compartments, car trunks, or toolboxes.

LED Flashlight: The jumper boxes from this brand come with an integrated LED flashlight which is a lifesaver during night-time emergencies.


How long do I need to charge these units before they’re ready to use?

Typically, these boosters require 3-4 hours for a full charge, but check the user manual for specifics.

What do I do if the jump starter doesn’t work?

Ensure the clamps are securely connected and that the unit is charged. If problems persist, contact customer support.

Can I use these jumpers in cold weather?

Yes, these boosters are designed to operate efficiently in a range of temperatures.

How often should I charge the unit to maintain its lifespan?

We recommend charging the product every three months when not in use to preserve the battery longevity.