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Experience powerful jump-starting with DieHard. Designed for emergencies, built for durability. DieHard jump starters, your trustworthy travel ally!

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DBPOWER Jump Starter 2500A Peak 74Wh Portable Car Jump Starter (Up to 10L Gas/8L Diesel Engine) 12V Auto Battery Booster Pack with Smart Clamp Cables, Quick Charger, LED Light Jump Box
  • 【 2500A JUMP STARTER 】 The DBPOWER G57 car jump starter provides up to 2500A peak current, it can start 10.0L gasoline engines and up to 8.0L…
  • 【 SAFETY PROTECTION SYSTEM 】 This portable car jump starter is very safe and easy to use. The all-metal jumper clamps are designed to be sturdy…

ADVANTAGES diehard portable power packs give you over other brands

Portability: DieHard designs compact and lightweight boosters. Ideal for on-the-move individuals, these units easily fit in your glove box or backpack.

Multiple Power Outputs: These power packs have both AC and DC outputs. This versatility allows users to power a wide variety of devices during travel emergencies.

Integrated Safety Measures: Advanced safety features such as overcharge and short-circuit protection come included, assuring secure usage every time.

Emergency Flashlight: These jumpers are equipped with an integrated flashlight. This feature is ideal for night-time emergencies or low-light situations.

High-Capacity Battery: These jumper packs boast a high-capacity battery, providing multiple jump starts on a single charge.


How compact are DieHard jumpers?

These are compact and lightweight, designed for easy portability and storage and fit very well in your car’s trunk.

How many jump starts can I get from one of these units a single charge?

This is depends on many factors such as the engine size and ambient temperature, yet thanks to their high-capacity battery, you can get multiple jump starts on a single charge with DieHard jumper packs.