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noco boost plus gb40

Our Rating: 9.8

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If you’ve ever had a bad day due to a dead car battery, you know how frustrating this is. Luckily you can solve this efficiently and quickly with the use of a jump starter. The Noco Boost Plus GB40 is the best portable jump starter in the market.

That’s right, you can think of this small and lightweight device as a spare battery to boost your car’s battery if dies. It does not need to be connected to any power source to work.

Yet the best is not its price or that it works, but how simple it is to use and the fact that in just a few seconds you’ll be back on the road, even if you haven’t used one of these before.

Here we’ll show all its benefits in detail and you’ll see why people love it that much.

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pros and cons of the NOCO GB40


Great Price

Easy to use

Boosts up to 6.0L gas and 3.0L diesel engines

Manual Override Function Available

Compact and portable design

USB port to charge your smartphone and other gadgets

Water and dust resistant

Embedded flashlight


May not work in temperatures below -4°F or -20°C

No USB-C Port

about this item



Peak Amps


Designed For

Passenger Car, Motorcycle, ATV, Van, RV, UTV, Truck, Watercraft, Tractor

Operating Temperature

-4°F to +122°F (-20°C to +50°C)

Charge Time

3 – 5 hours


2.4 lbs (1.08kg)

Battery Capacity

1000 AH


12 Volts


6.0L Gas & 3.0L Diesel engines


100 Lumen

Safety Protections

Spark-Proof & Reverse Polarity Detection


7.7 (length) x 3.2 (width) x 1.7 (height) inches

is the noco boost plus gb40 price worth it?

The Noco Boost Plus price is No products found., which may seem high initially, yet it is important to understand what you are getting with this product.

The most important thing that comes inside the box is not the booster itself, but the peace of mind you’ll get while driving, knowing that if a dead battery crosses your way, or worst, the way of a loved one (and eventually it will), you’ll have a tool to get out of the trouble in a matter of seconds.

This is priceless.

Yet if you want to see it in terms of numbers, then you must know you are getting the best and most popular booster in the market at a lower price than similar capacity jump starters.

When we say best and most popular is not just words. Noco has a reputation in this business since 1914. That means that for over 100 years now, they have perfected the technology they use in their devices, and that is why people trust and love the GB40 more than any other jump pack in the market.

Here is the Noco GB40 best price online!

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The noco gb40 jump starter compared vs similar items

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The benefits and why you need to buy the Noco GB40

  • Start dead batteries in seconds. This compact and powerful 1000 amp jump starter will give you up to 20 jump starts from a single charge.
  • Start up to 6.0L gas and 3.0L diesel engines. With 1000 amps, it can turn on most cars, from any 4-cylinder gasoline engine up to 8-cylinder Silverados, and more.
  • UltraSafe Tech. Comes with spark proof technology and reverse polarity detection to avoid damaging your car. You don’t get this with a spare battery or another car helping you to boost your car.
  • Ultra Portable. The GB40 is lighter than a spare battery. In fact it only weighs 2.4 lb or 1.08 kg. Its design as well is pretty compact, which allows it to fit anywhere in your car.
  • Easy to Use. All you need to do is plug it to your battery, push the On button and start your car. You’ll get back on the road in 30 seconds or less. It comes with its own jumper cables.
  • Don’t get stranded. No need to wait for AAA or a friend to come to help you. This device is all the time with you.
  • Great Deal. Its price is much lower than an annual premium membership to AAA. You can usually find the Noco GB40 on Amazon at a lower price that the Noco official page.
  • Multi-function. It is also a powerful battery bank to charge your smartphone and other gadgets. It comes with a handy flashlight should you need to jumpstart your car in the dark.
  • Ready when you need it. This is rechargeable and holds its charge for up to 1 year so it will be ready when you need it.
  • Top Selling Item. This is the most popular jump starter in the market and from the top brand in the industry, yet its price is very affordable when compared to other jump starters.

What’s in The Package?

  • Noco 1000 amp lithium portable jump starter
  • Heavy-duty battery clamps
  • USB charging cable
  • 12-volt USB car charger
  • Microfiber storage bag
  • User manual
What is inside the box of the NOCO Boost Plus GB40
This is what comes inside the package.

Get the best accessories for your nocoboost jump starter

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other benefits from this jump starter

This is one of the best purchases I have ever made because additional to all the benefits and advantages this product has, the additional convenience is that you get to help other people needing a jump start without having to risk your own car battery.

Few people know that using the normal jumper cables to pass current to other car can damage your own car battery and compromise its performance or active life.

Yet at the same time it is hard to not help other person with their car if we can help, especially if they are at the middle of nowhere.

The Noco GB40 jump starter solves both issues in one shot, and it does it efficiently and quickly.

noco gb40 review

The NOCO Boost Plus GB40
noco boost gb40
This small and lightweight device is a spare battery to boost your car’s battery if it dies. It does not need to be connected to any power source to work.

Comes with a great price and you really get more value than what you pay for.

This is widely considered the best car battery jump starter there is in the world, and the GB40 backs the claims of thousands and thousands of people around the world with facts.

Only on Amazon, this booster has over 89,000 reviews and 82% of those are solid 5-star ratings. That is over 73,000 people saying this is a great product and a great buy, and I’m one of them.
Easy to Use
Value for the Money
Safety Features
Great Price
Easy to use
Boosts up to 6.0L gas and 3.0L diesel engines
Manual Override Function Available
Compact and portable design
USB port to charge your smartphone and other gadgets
Water and dust resistant
Embedded flashlight
May not work in temperatures below -4°F or -20°C
No USB-C Port

Our Rating

The Noco Boost Plus jump starter combines the reliability and performance of a high price jumper pack with the compact design and simplicity if much more affordable boosters.

It really delivers since it is a product made by a company that backs it up with over 100 years of experience in the business, and the best is you can check the comments and opinions of current users to validate the claims of this product.

Yet nothing like seeing the GB40 Boost Plus 1000A in action and witness the simplicity of its operation as well as its power. Take a look at these videos with Noco GB40 reviews and you’ll see how easy is using and charging this lithium jump starter.


Noco has different lines of products and the GB40 is under the NocoBoost umbrella. Here you have all the models available in that family so you can compare them.

Honestly, unless you have a big diesel truck, the Noco Boost Plus is the one you need. The GB20 as well may seem like a good option but consider this won’t start big gas cars like 8-cylinder Silverados or Rams.


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COMMENTS from current customers

Over 73,000 people have given this booster a solid 5-star rating and only in the last month, over 20K were sold just on Amazon. That has to mean something.

This is the best selling jumper box online for a single reason. It works as it says, how and when is expected. Plus, it has an unbeatable price given all it offers. Check these comments from current owners.

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This thing is amazing, never again jump a car the old conventional way sitting there revving up the engine. This thing doesn’t matter even if…


I used this product one time without incident. Recharged it properly and stored it in a hard Noco case that I bought to replace the cheap sock style…


I was skeptical of these contraptions but no longer. The first car I tried with it though it acted like it wasn’t working (at all). Fortunately I had read the…

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how to use the gb40 noco

If you check the Noco’s website they say using their booster is pretty simple, and in deed it is. Yet it is until you use it and read the manual that some important details come to light.

Here I want to share with you what I’ve been able to find by using this booster for the last year and a half.

it truly is very simple to use

90% of the times you need to jumpstart a car battery you’ll just have to plug the clamps to the battery terminals, turn on the booster, wait for the charge LEDs to describe a follow pattern, start your engine, turn off the booster, unplug the clamps and that’s it!

what to do when it is not that simple (it happens…)

The other 10% may offer additional challenges and here I want to discuss them.

Manual Override

There will be days when you’ll need to use the manual override or boost mode function with flat dead batteries. Before doing this, make sure the connection is right, that is, red clamp to positive and black clamp to negative terminal.

Under normal conditions, the Noco battery charger GB40 will detect a reversed connection, yet if the battery is heavily discharged, the manual override function is the way to go.

The manual override disables the safety features of the Noco 40, so it won’t detect a reversed connection and if the connection is not right, this could damage your car’s electronics. To avoid this, always double check your connection to ensure it is not reversed.

Faulty engine

Another thing that happened to me was that my car’s engine was faulty but I was not aware of it, so I assumed that the battery was drained because of something and that a jump start would fix everyhing.

My Noco GB40 gave me 3 consecutive attempts to jump start my car, all 3 in less than 30 seconds. This got the internal battery of the jumper hot and the high temperature protection of the booster kicked in.

After maybe 20 minutes (hot summer day) I was able to try it for another 3 times until the booster showed empty.

My car did not start and I thought the GB40 had failed. It was until later that I discovered a failure in the engine that was preventing the car to start, so this really depends on your car’s engine condition as well.

other things to know Before buying it

No wall charger included: Inside the box you’ll find a micro USB cable that connects to a Type-A USB charging brick, but this brick is not included.

No type-C USB port: Other models from Noco and other brands come with a USB-C port but not this one.

3 Hrs. to fully charge: Since no USB-C input is available, the charging time of this unit is 3 hours, which is longer than other similar models from competing brands.


This is a wonderful product that keeps you from worrying about dead batteries. It’s one of those products you should keep in your vehicle at all times.

It’s portable and easy to use and comes with some of the most advanced safety features making it one of the best jump starters you can buy.

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FAqS from the community

can you use the noco boost gb40 to jump start a 4.5l diesel engine?

You can definitely try. While Noco does advertise this booster for only 3.0L diesel engines, sometimes people report they are able to jump start bigger vehicles with it.

There is a technical support to this.

Theoretically speaking, you need 1 amp per in³ (cubic inch) of your gas engine and double of this for diesel cars.

Assuming your engine, oil, and the ambient temperature are OK, a 4.5L Diesel engine amps requirement to start is as follows.

1L = 62 in³
4.5L x 62 in³ x 2 (diesel engine requirement) = 558 amps

This means that 558 amps are enough to jump start your 4.5L diesel engine, if everything else is right. That is, the condition of the motor, the motor oil and the ambient temperature are OK.

Since the GB40 delivers up to 1000 amps, you can definitely give it a shot.

Remember that the amps act like that lever that will rotate the engine. If the engine is rusty or the oil is not liquid but most solid, it would be harder to spin the wheel.

The same is true if the ambient temperature is too low, since the freezing temperatures tend to make it difficult for the motor gears to spin.

Is there any care or maintenance THE jump starter needs?

Nothing special. Store this product in a dry and cool place because humidity and hot environments can damage it severely.

Before getting into your vehicle to go for a long drive, check the charge of this product. You can use your vehicle’s power or any wall outlet to charge this device and it can hold it for up to 12 months.

Is there a warranty for this product?

It comes with a one-year official warranty and you can also return this product within one month of receiving it.

Will this unit start my V8 Ford Mustang?

Yes. It can start up to 6.0L gas engines and a V8 Ford Mustang is not as big, so it should be able to start it.

How long will it hold its juice to give me a jump start when I need it? How often should I recharge it?

12 months. Yet you can charge it every 6 months to ensure its battery is in optimal conditions.

About its lifespan, it really depends on how often you use it, but if this is for personal use only, it can be years before you need to replace it.

Do I need to remove the clamps quickly after jumping the battery to avoid damaging other electronics?

No. Thanks to its UltraSafe technology you don’t need to hurry in doing that.

Is it good for Gel batteries?

Yes. It starts any Lead-Acid battery, including Gel ones.

Can I use it as a car battery charger?

No. This is not a charger but a jump starter box. It will not charge nor maintain your battery but only give it that initial spark so the engine starts running. The alternator should do the charging part.

Will it work on my Ford Escape?


Does the unit go connected to a power source to jump start a car?

No. This jumper box uses an internal Lithium battery to pass current to your car’s battery and start the engine. Just need the Lithium battery to be charged and that’s it.

How many times can I charge my iPhone with this unit?

Only 2. If you mean from 0 to 100% charge, then 2. If your phone is somewhat charged and you want it to fully charge it, you can have more times of that. It also depends on how big the battery of your iPhone is.

How is it can jump start a car several times but small electronics like phones only a couple?

Some small electronics have very large batteries and they consume lots of power. If you talk about charging a phone from 0 to 100%, a unit like this can only charge these a few times.

Jump starting a car requires much less charge because most car’s batteries have some charge in them, so this unit only provides what is missing to start the engine.

How long are the cables?

About 12 inches from the connector to the clamps tip. These are long enough to reach any battery terminals.

Can I get only the replacement cables?

Yes. You can get them here.

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The Noco Plus is not working, what can I do?

Probably need to be more specific about what “not working” means. You can check the user guide on this page and go to the troubleshooting section to find more help.

What does the red light indicates?

This is the error LED and if it is on means you have a wrong connection like a reversed polarity or the connection with the battery is not good. Make sure you are connecting the clamps to the right poles of the battery.

what is the noco boost plus charge time?

The GB40, also known mistakenly as the Noco Boost Sport GB40, does not come with a wall charger. It depends on what you use to charge it, but if you charge it from a normal USB port, the Noco Boost Plus GB40 charge time is anything between 3 to 6 hours.

how much it costs?

The Noco boost plus GB40 price is No products found.. Sometimes it is lower depending on if there is a special offer. We’ll always have the best deal here for you available, so be sure to check our page regularly.

Noco Boost Plus GB40

12V/1000A | Start 6L gas/3L diesel | Easy use | UltraSafe | ✅ Best Cost/Benefit jumper | Comparison Table vs top brands.

Product Brand: NOCO Boost

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 99.95

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • Unbeatable price
  • UltraSafe Technology
  • Best Selling Jump Starter


  • No USB C port
  • No wall charger included