powrun jump starters

Bring your car back to life with the compact, reliable and affordable power from the Powrun jump starters. If you don’t want to be stranded again in the middle of nowhere this is the place to be.

powrun jumper packs

the best selling powrun car battery booster

Powrun P-ONE Jump Starter, 2000A Portable Jump Box – Car Jump Starter Battery Pack for up to 8.0L Gas and 6.5L Diesel Engines, 12V Battery Jump Starter with LCD Display (Orange)
  • POWERFUL JUMPING PERFORMANCE – 2000-Amp car jump starter can start the car with dead battery in seconds, up to 25 times with a single charge. Even if…
  • INTELLIGENT SECURE PROTECTION – Powrun battery jump starter has 8 types protection system, comes with excellent conductivity and heavy duty jump…

ADVANTAGES about powrun jumper packs

Great price: Considering all you get for less than 100 USD, these jumper boxes are among the best cost-effective power solutions to jump start your car.

Lithium internal battery: This is what makes these units compact yet very powerful.

Safety features: Don’t let sparks scare you. The Spark proof safety feature included in the electronics of these devices make them a breeze for anyone to jump start a car.

Compatible with most types of vehicles: These units can jump start more than cars. They also work on boats, motorcycles, lawnmowers, and pretty much anything with a 12v battery.

Several Jumps from a single charge: Charge your unit to 100% and it will give you up to 25 jump starts, depending on the engines’ size and condition of the cars you boost.


Do these come with an integrated flashlight like other units from other brands?

Yes. These come with an embedded flashlight to help you jump start your car in the dark.

Can I jump start a small motorcycle with a 6v BATTERY WITH THESE?

No. You need a 6V jumper pack for that.

Will these work on a toyota camry?