limitless jumpsmart portable car jump starters (The FLASHLIGHT Jump starters)

Never let a dead car battery gets you stranded again. The Limitless JumpSmart portable car jump starters are powerful, reliable and affordable, and that is why people choose them. Get yours here!

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pros about the jumpsmart portable jumper packs

Easy to use: These boosters come in the shape of a flashlight or a small and portable power pack. Whatever the format you have, they have very clear instructions to use which is why some people prefer them over other more complex models.

Compact: Given their design, they fit anywhere in your car, allowing you to take them wherever you want to go and have portable power available in case you need it.

Powerful: With their most powerful model supplying up to 800 peak amps of current, these units can boost up to 7L V8 gas vehicle you can think of.

Reliable: Current owners of these units say they’ve had a pleasant experience with these boosters because they work when they need them to work and in the way it is expected for them to work.

Multi-functional: These units look like a jumpstart flashlight, because besides being jump starters, these units also feature flashlights and USB ports to charge your small electronics like earpods, smartphones, and many others.



Yes. These units come with a lithium internal battery that is rechargeable.

can i jump start a diesel car with one of these?

No. Given the max current you’ll get is 800 amps, that will not be enough for a diesel engine.