type s jump starters

These jump starters are ultra portable and low cost, and people like them because they are easy to use. Here you have all the models available for the Type S jump starters.

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ADVANTAGES of these jump boxes

Low Price: The Type S portable jump starters’ price is not higher than 150 USD for most of its models and they are made to jump most gas and diesel vehicles, so you get lots of power at an affordable price.

Portable and compact: The size of these boosters make its portability a breeze. You are looking at something that is about the size of your smartphone with 1-inch depth for most of its models. They really fit anywhere.

Powerful: Starting from 350 Amps and giving you up to 1200, the Type S jump boxes can start cars with up to 9L gas and 6L diesel engines.

Safety Features: These make your boosting experience safe by avoiding sparks and damages to your car.

USB and Wireless Battery bank: The Type S are both jump starters and power bank for your small gadgets like phones and drones via USB ports, and some of its models feature wireless 10W charge.

Embedded Flashlight: In case you need to jump start your car in the dark, these jumper boxes come with an embedded flashlight to help you see in the dark and do an efficient jump start.

Easy to Use: These jump packs go attached to your car’s battery terminals and they are ready to use. Yet if this is not very clear, most of its models come with a user-friendly screen to tell you step by step how to operate your Type S battery booster.

FAQs about these jump boosters

How long take these boosters to get charged?

Depending on the model you pick, it can be anything from 1 to 5 hours for a full charge.

ARE thEsE good for a toyota corolla?

Yes. These boosters have enough power to jump start these cars.

Does these work with agm bATTERIES?


Are THESE also car battery chargerS?

No. These are jump starter units only and cannot charge nor maintain your car’s battery.

are Type S jump packs good for 24v bATTERIES?

No, only for 12V ones.