fnnemge car jump starters

A dead car battery doesn’t warn you, and this is why expert drivers are prepared with a powerful, reliable, and price-effective battery jumper pack. Fnnemge jump starters fit these criteria and you want to give them a look.

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advantages of owning an FNNEMGE JUMPER BOX

Safety features: Don’t let sparks scare you. With the safe technology embedded in the jumper packs from Fnnemge you have nothing to worry.

Multi-function: Besides jumpstarting your car, these also are powerful battery banks to charge your phone and other small electronics. Never run out of battery in your tablet again.

Compact design: These fit virtually anywhere inside your car and therefore you can take them with you and have them ready when you need them.

Great Price: We are talking here about boosters with a proven record of effectiveness, given the number of positive reviews from current owners, and at a lower price than 100 USD.

User friendly: The Fnnemge boosters come with an LCD screen to give clear messages to the user about any errors or next steps to jump start a car.



Yes, these are for 12V batteries. If by your question you mean if you can use these with smaller voltage rating car batteries like a 6V that goes in a lawnmower or a small motorcycle, the answer is no.

If you have a 6V vehicle battery and you want to jump start it, these are not the tools for that. Instead, you need a 6V booster.

Do these come with a warranty?

Yes. Please refer to the specific product you are interested in to understand the details of the warranty.

Do these come with a light in them?

Yes. The boosters from Fnnemge have an internal flashlight to help you see in the dark. These are pretty handy in low light situations.