flylinktech jump starters

Having peace of mind while driving knowing a dead battery won’t stop your day. Flylinktech jump starters are that and at a great price. If this is what you are looking for, you are in the right place.

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pros about flylinktech’s jumper packs

Excellent Price: None of these models are above the 100 USD price. Which makes them a great choice for people wanting to have a great safety tool for the road without having to pay too much.

Lithium battery based: This is what makes these units so powerful and so compact. Lithium as well allows these to jump several cars from a single charge. By all means, always look for lithium battery based jumper packs.

USB Ports: Don’t let your phone die in an emergency situation. If you have low battery and need to make a call of follow the GPS, remember that your Flylinktech jumper pack has USB ports to charge your phone and other gadgets.

Safety Features included: Jump starting a car does not have to be dangerous for you or the car. With the safety features included, like reverse polarity protection or spark proof, you can be sure neither you nor your car will get an unpleasant surprise.

Reliable power: The Flylinktech jump starters can produce up to 4000 amps of peak current to jump start your car. With that amount of current there are very little vehicles that would not come back to life.

FAQS about these jumper packs

Do these units come with a storage case?

Yes. These models come with a carrying and storage bag to protect the jumper box and transport it.

do these require any maintenance?

Nothing special really. Just charge your unit every 3 months to ensure it stays with you for a long time.

what is the CCA rating of these jumper packs?

CCA rating is something that applies to lead-acid batteries. Since these are lithium battery based jumper packs, the CCA is not applicable to them.

What you want to see is the peak amps rating. In this case, Flylinktech offers a wide variety, but the largest one they offer can produce up to 4000 peak amps of current.

With that amount you can easily jump start any gas vehicle and most diesel cars.