suhu jump starters

Your car battery will be back to life with the power and reliability of the Suhu jump starters. These are among people’s favorites because they also come with great prices.

The list of SUHU car battery jump starters on sale

the top rated suhu jumper pack

SUHU Car Jump Starter, 1500A Peak Car Battery Jump Starter (Up to 7.0L Gas and 5.5L Diesel Engine), 12V Jump Starter Battery Pack, Battery Jumper Starter Portable with 3-Mode Light & 5 Charge Ports
  • 【Important Tip 1】Before initiating the car start, ensure that the power level exceeds 25%. Moreover, if the portable car jumper battery pack…
  • 【Important Tip 2】After the connection is complete, it’s crucial to start the car engine within 30 seconds. If the engine isn’t started within this…

pros about suhu jumper boxes

Compact: Take the Suhu jumpers with you thanks to their compact design. They fit pretty much anywhere in your so you have them ready when you need them.

Great price: Getting one of these jumpers comes with a price, yet Suhu makes it easy for you since their products are not only reliable but also affordable. Their best jumper box is under the 100 USD price tag, which is a fantastic deal.

Safety features: Sparks and reversed connections are something from the past. With the safe technology the Suhu jump starters have embedded you’ll be safe and your car won’t get damaged.

USB ports: Besides boosting your car’s battery, these jumper packs and also power up and charge your small gadgets like smartphones and tablets.

Integrated flashlight: These flashlights come very handy in case you need to jumpstart your car at night.


are these partially charged when they arrive?

Yes, most units are, yet it is a good idea to full charge these before using them so you have a fully charged unit in case you need it.

Do these come with a warranty?

Yes. Please check the specific product you are interested in so you have more information about the warranty terms.

how to charge my suhu unit?

Use the USB cable that comes with your booster. You can charge it from either a computer or a wall outlet with any spare brick adapter.