semi truck jumper boxes

Semi truck drivers don’t have time to waste and a dead battery means losses. To avoid that here is a great selection of powerful and cost effective semi truck jumper boxes.

semi truck battery jump starters on sale

the best portable jump starter for semi trucks

Tyrell Chenergy 1800/900 Peak Amp 12V/24V Jump Starter, Truck Battery Booster Pack, and Commercial Jumper Cables,includes DC/USB Power for Charging Phones and Tablets,Jump Box Battery Clamps
  • Compatibility — Upgrade 12V & 24V all-in-one smart jump starter delivers unbeatable 1800 Amp (12V system), 900 Amp (24V),Professional grade jump…
  • Jump Start Battery Pack — Equipped ​with Industrial Grade Hot Jaw Clamps,32″ #6 Gauge Cables,Reverse polarity indication & alarm.

advantages of having a jump start pack for semi trucks handy

Avoid delays: This is a big one. Semi trucks’ purpose is always business related, and a dead battery means late deliveries, which have many negative consequences for companies. Yet investing in a heavy duty jump starter for semi trucks is always a good idea.

Save money: Delays come with a cost, and not only in fines or customer complaints, but also in road assistance services from either another truck driver or a third party company to boost the misfortuned stranded truck.

Avoid risk of loss: Some trucks transport valuable goods and that makes them vulnerable to highway robbers. A dead battery for one of these vehicles means a lot more than just a simple delay, which is why a portable power source that is able to get the semi back on the road is mandatory.



It really depends on the type and size of engine as well as the battery voltage rating. Be sure to check your semi truck before making a decision.

However, the options presented here will cover most needs.

Can these damage my semi’s electronics?

No. These boosters have safety technology embedded in them, and so they are designed to only provide the power is needed to fire up the engine without damaging anything else.