schumacher jumper boxes

This brand of jumper packs has been a long time player in the market and that is why people know they work. They offer a variety of products that fit most budgets, and here you’ll find all the models available.

Check each one to learn more about them.

schumacher battery jump starters on sale


Schumacher battery boosters are built with two different types of internal batteries: AGM and Lithium-Ion.


Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries have been around since the 80s, and they are great to power heavy-duty vehicles during long times. These are bigger and heavier than lithium ion and don’t hold its charge for long time.

They are considered old technology in the world of batteries since the appearance of lithium ion ones.

lithium ion

Lithium batteries on the other hand can pack great power in a small space, and this is why these jump starters look like boxes. Their discharge rates as well are more efficient, meaning you get more jump starts on a single charge.

These units as well stay charged for months.

ADVANTAGES of these jump boxes

Established Brand: Schumacher has been in business since 1947 doing exactly what they do today, creating power solutions for people, and since they are good at what they do, users keep getting and recommending their products.

Great Price: Schumacher jumper packs prices go from ~60 to 350 USD. And most models fall under the 100 to 200 dollars. This way you have a jump starter that will get you back on the road, from a trusted brand, with lots of power, and at a great price.

Easy to carry: Take your Schumacher jump box anywhere thanks to its portability. Even the AGM units, which are bigger than Lithium ones, are easy to carry.

Jump start big vehicles: These units can give you anything from 800 to 3000 peak amps, which is more than enough to jump most gas and some diesel cars.

Safety is included: Reverse polarity and spark proof are just two of the many safety features the Schumacher car jumpers have. Check each model to learn more about its safety features.

USB Ports: Charge your electronics with the USB ports available in most models. This way you’ll never run out of battery in your cameras or drones.

Embedded Flashlight: If you need to jump start your car in the dark, these jump starters come equipped with a built-in flashlight that will brighten your way to ensure you do an effective and safe jump.

Air Compressor: Some of the jump starters from Schumacher like the Instant Power SL1562 have a built-in air compressor to inflate the tires of your car. This is more than convenient because you have the solution to 2 problems in 1 unit.

User-friendly: These jump packs are easy and intuitive to use. They come with buttons and light indicators to guide you step by step to start your car.

FAQs about theSE jump pack


No. The internal batteries of these jumper boxes do not get replaced, yet they are built to last, so you can expect to have these jump starters functional for very long time.

How are the shumacher units charged? Or do I need to plug them to the wall to jump my car?

No. These jump starters are stand alone units, that is, they do not need to go connected to any other power source to jump start your car, as they have rechargeable internal batteries to function.

To recharge the battery you do it through a USB cable, and that’s it.

For the units with air compressor, do these have adapters?

Yes, these come with a set of adapters for the different scenarios to use an air compressor.


Since they have a following from a long time, some people still not get used to the most compact, effective and efficient lithium jump starters since they think such a small unit won’t fire up their cars.

It is until they learn the opposite is true that the switch, but Schumacher is doing the right thing by offering AGM jumper boxes to those who still want to have one AGM jumper box