michelin jump starters

Never let a dead battery ruins your day again. Michelin jump starters are the trusty and reliable power source you need to have to avoid having to pay and wait for a towing service.

The michelin power source jump starters on sale

the best michelin portable jump starter

Michelin Jump Starter and Portable Power Pack with Wireless Charging
  • Advanced 3 Cell Powerpack Lithium-Ion 10,000mAh High Capacity Battery with 500 peak amps
  • Jumpstarts 4, 6,8 cylinder 12v vehicles (up to 15 3L engines)

pros about michelin jumper packs

Unbeatable price: With just a bit over 100 USD, these jump starters are a great choice for someone looking to have peace of mind while driving without breaking the bank account.

USB Ports: Charge your electronic gadgets with the available USB ports. Don’t let your phone, camera or tablet die and always stay connected.

Wireless charging: If your phone has wireless charging capabilities, the lithium jump starter model will ensure you never run out of battery with its wireless charging feature.

Built-in safety features: Spark proof and reverse polarity cause problems to drivers when jumpstarting a car. Not with these, since Michelin integrated safety features to these models to ensure you and your car are safe while boosting your battery.

Compact design: These jump starters fit under the passenger’s seat or inside the glove box.


Do these charge the battery of the car?

No. These are not car battery chargers nor maintainers. These units only give that extra spark your car needs to get it running.

Are these good for DIESEL ENGINES?

Yes, these jump starters are good for both gas and diesel engines.

Do these require any maintenance?

These jumper boxes do not require any special maintenance. Just make sure you charge your booster every 3 months more or less to ensure a large lifespan.