wagan jump starters

Powerful, compact and affordable are features smart drivers always look for in jumper packs. The Wagan jump starters have all these so you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get yours.

WAGAN car jumper packs on sale

the best wagan jumper box

Wagan EL7561 Power Dome PLEX 1000 Amps Portable Jump Starter 800 Watt Peak Surge Power Inverter Power Station Battery Booster Battery Pack with Air Compressor USB port and 12V & 110V Power Ports
  • 【POWERFUL MULTI FUNCTIONAL JUMPSTARTER】- The Power Dome PLEX is a powerful portable jump starter designed to provide 120V AC, 12V DC, and USB…
  • 【JUMP STARTER】- With 12Ah sealed lead acid batter, that was specifically designed for jump starting duties providing 300 cranking amps, and 1000…

pros about wagan jump starters

Compact: These jumper packs are small in design and still very powerful. This compact design makes them pretty portable so they can go anywhere you want to take them.

Reliable: These boosters you can depend on. I mean, people online brag about them having these with them while driving.

Powerful: Their most powerful jumper pack can produce up to 1200 peak amps, which is enough to boost most gas and some big diesel engines.

Great Price: Although you get a bunch of features with these jumper packs, you don’t have to pay that much. And also consider that some of these boosters come with an integrated air compressor.

Integrated Flashlight: These flashlights are super handy when there is a need to jump start a car in a low light situation. These really are a game changer.


can these charge the battery of a car?

No. Jump starters don’t charge car batteries. They only provide that initial boost to get the engine going and then the charging part happens with the alternator.

Can I charge my phone with these boosters?

Yes. These boosters come with USB ports to charge your smartphone, tablet and other small electronics.