arteck jump starters

If you are looking a tool to avoid a dead battery ruins your day, and you want it to be compact, powerful and affordable, the Arteck jump starters have great options for you.

arteck car battery jumper packs on sale

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pros about arteck jumper packs

Compact: These fit anywhere in your car thanks to its small and compact design.

Affordable: Don’t break the bank account trying to get one of these. Arteck has the perfect booster for you at the right price.

Reliable: These units work when you need them to work. Have it always ready and available.

USB Ports: Don’t let your phone die again. With its available USB ports you can charge your smartphone and other gadgets.

Flashlight: The embedded flashlight these units have come super handy for low light situations when you have to boost your car.

FAQS about arteck JUMPER PACKS

Are these car battery chargers?

No. These units only jump start cars but can’t charge nor maintain car batteries.

Do these work with motorcycles?

Yes. As long as the battery voltage rating of the motorcycle is 12V, these will be good to jump start your bike.

How do these units charge?

You can charge them via a wall outlet using the USB cable provided.