centech portable power packs

These are a fusion of reliability and innovation. Equip your vehicle with Centech. Drive with confidence, drive with Centech!

centech jump starters on sale

ADVANTAGES you get when buying a cen-tech jump starter

High Capacity: Centech portable power packs deliver high capacity charging. These units are more than capable to jump-start your vehicle multiple times on a single charge.

Built-in Air Compressor: Some models come equipped with a built-in air compressor, a rare feature that adds to their utility and value.

Rugged Construction: These jumper packs are made to last, boasting a rugged construction that withstands harsh environments and regular use.

Fast Recharge: With these jump boxes from Centech, long waiting times are history. They charge quickly, ensuring that you’re always ready for any eventuality on the road.

LED Indicators: The Centech power packs are designed with user-friendly LED indicators, providing real-time updates about the unit’s status and remaining power.


How many times can the Centech portable power packs jump-start a vehicle on a single charge?

These products offer high capacity charging, capable of multiple jump-starts on a single charge.

How durable are these units?

Centech jump starters are built to last with a rugged construction, capable of withstanding harsh environments and regular use.

How long to recharge?

These jumpers are designed for quick charging, minimizing your waiting times. The time varies from model to model, but you can expect it to be a few hours.

How can I tell the remaining power of these power packs?

The units feature LED indicators that provide real-time updates on the unit’s status and remaining power.

are these lithium or lead-acid jump starters?

The internal battery of these units is lead-acid.