jump starters with air compressor

If having a jump starter is a good idea, having one with an air compressor is great. You get double benefits since flat tires are a pain in the neck, but not with one of these. They are more powerful and affordable, so check all these models and give your future self some help on the road.

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Portable jump starters with tire inflator on sale

THE Best jump starter with air compressor

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ADVANTAGES OF battery jump starterS with an air compressor

Jump start your car and inflate your tires: Flat tires are the #1 reason why you see cars at the roadside. These jump starters will get you out of that jam in minutes. Also, sometimes people have the tire inflator but the battery is dead, so these units will help you avoid that as well.

Great Price: Having a jump starter and tire inflator in the same unit is not only space-efficient but also cost effective. These units don’t go above the $150 USD price tag so it is a deal you want to take.

Portable: These jump boxes are not heavy or bulky, so they fit very well inside your car.

Powerful: These jump starters work for either a 4-cylinder car or a big 8-cylinder SUV. The air pumps will inflate your flat tires in a matter of minutes.

Reliable: You can’t prevent a flat tire or a dead battery, so these units are designed to be ready to work when you need them.

HOW TO PICK THE best battery jump starter with air compressor

When you have a flat tire or a dead battery, all you want is to get back on the road as fast as possible, and to do that, it is best to choose the right jump starter and air compressor unit for your car.

Here is the ultimate guide on what you need to consider.

lithium Internal battery

Portable jump starters use internal batteries to work. The straight recommendation here is to get one with a lithium battery type. Why?

  • More affordable.
  • Super portable thanks to smaller size and weight.
  • Better discharge rates (meaning they hold their charge more and last longer).
  • More powerful.

You may find some of these units with lead-acid batteries, which in reality are old technology and are not as efficient and cost-effective.

So do yourself a favor, and get a lithium battery based jump starter to spend less and get more value.

PEAK AMPS for the jump starter – The engine size and fuel type

Depending on if your car is a 4-cylinder Honda Civic or a v8 5.7L HEMI Dodge Ram, as well as if it is Gas or Diesel, you may need more amps.

Remember what makes your engine start is the amount of amps the battery is able to supply.

With this in mind, the general rule of thumb is 1000 Amps. You want at least a 1000 peak amps jump starter to fire up most gas vehicles, either 4-cylinder or 8-cylinder ones.

If you own a Diesel vehicle, then probably something with 2000 peak amps is best, and if you have semi-truck, then something among the 3000 to 4000 amps will suit you best.

internal battery size for the tire inflator

The size of the battery in these units comes rated in mAh or Ah. You want something with 10,000 mAh at minimum. This is important because the bigger the battery the longer the unit will give you power.

Most tires require 32 – 35 PSI for an ideal air level. Most of these units can give you that pressure level in 10 minutes or less, and 10,000 mAh ensures you have enough power to inflate more than one tire (depending on how flat these are).

PSI Rating

These tire inflators and jump starters will also have a rating of how much pressure in PSIs they are able to generate. Since these units don’t have air tanks, this PSI rating is important.

Again, most cars need between 32 – 35 PSIs, so anything with a 100 PSI rating and above is pretty decent.

Jump starter safety features

Jump starting a car with jumper cables only can be a dangerous thing if you don’t know what you are doing, so this is why these jump boxes have a bunch of safety features.

You want to make sure your unit comes with at least short-circuit and reverse polarity protection.


This ensures no sparks are present if the clamps touch each other while the unit is turned On.

Reverse Polarity

This prevents the passing of charge from the booster to the car battery if the clamps are connected in the wrong order.

Remember that if you reverse the connection of the clamps (you fail to connect the red clamp to the positive and the black clamp to the negative terminal of the battery) and you force power to the battery, your car could be severely damaged. This protection will avoid that.

What if I already have the tire inflator and I just want a jump starter to power it?

There is also a solution for you. Here are some jump starters with a 12V DC port to power up tire inflators, coffee machines, and other small appliances.