cobra jump starter power packs

Unleash the power of your car with the Cobra jump starters. Never get stranded again with these compact and powerful power packs that will bring your car battery back to life.


The best portable car jump starter from cobra

Cobra 1000A Jump Starter – Lithium-ion Jump Starter & Power Bank with in-Car Jump Starting & Fast Charge USB, LED Flashlight, Jump Start Cables, 1000 Amp Peak Power for Any Car, Truck or Boat
  • JUMP START ANY CAR – The 1000A Jump Starter is the perfect companion for travel, outdoor safety, and multi-purpose use. Built for convenience so you…
  • POWER FOR 365+ DAYS – Built with a reliable, long-lasting battery so you can make sure you’re never stranded with a dead car battery again. Made…

pros of the cobra car jumpers

Compact and powerful: Since these are made from lithium batteries they can store lots of power inside a small space. This make them ideal to fit under the passenger’s car or the glove box.

Great price: With a price tag of less than 100 USD and considering all the features they come with, these have to be some of the most cost-effective power solutions to jump start a car.

Embedded flashlight: In case you need to jump start your car in low light condition, the integrated flashlight of these units will allow you to see in the dark and do an effective jump.

Safety features: Jump starting a car does not have to be scary nor harmful for your car. With the safety features from the jumper packs from Cobra, you will forget about the scary sparks or the potential damage to your car’s electronics.

Fast charge USB ports: These units come with USB-A and USB-C ports to charge your devices like smartphones and tablets, in very little time. So Cobra will never let your phone die in case you have an emergency.


Do these come with a carrying bag?

Yes. Cobra jumper packs come with a storage bag inside the package.

Are these good for diesel engines?

Yes. As long as your car is 12V, you can plug this to a battery with a gas or diesel engine.

Can I charge my car battery with these units or simply jump start it?

No. These are only jump starters. These units won’t charge nor maintain the battery of your car.