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Bring power to your journey with CAT! Reliable, durable, and powerful. For when you need a boost the most, trust these CAT jump starters. Power up, set out!

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CAT CJ3000 Professional Jump Starter 2000 Peak Amp Battery Booster, Built-In Power Switch, Battery Clamps
  • Delivers 2000 peak amps; Quickly powers most 12V batteries up to V8
  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) internal battery delivers superior performance, even in extreme heat and cold weather environments

ADVANTAGES of the cat car jumpers

Durable Build: CAT jumper packs are known for their robust build, ensuring longevity and durability for all your road trips.

Powerful Performance: With these boosters, you get a high capacity charge, enabling efficient jump-starting of your vehicle.

Multiple Charging Ports: These products provide multiple charging ports, letting you charge several devices simultaneously.

LED Indicators: These units feature LED indicators, providing real-time status updates for convenience.

High Safety Standards: With these jumpers, you get a high standard of safety, preventing potential hazards such as over-charging and short-circuiting.


How robust are these products?

The jumper packs from CAT are designed with durability in mind, ensuring they can withstand regular use and harsh conditions.

What is the power capacity of these units?

These boosters provide a high capacity charge, efficient for jump-starting a range of vehicles.

How many devices can I charge with these products?

The jumper packs come with multiple charging ports, allowing for the simultaneous charging of several devices.

How do I know the status of these boosters?

These jumpers feature LED indicators that provide real-time status updates for added convenience.

How safe are these units to use?

These products meet high safety standards, preventing overcharging, short-circuiting, and other potential hazards.