nekteck jump starters

If you want to be the person who is out of trouble because of a dead battery in a matter of minutes, the powerful, compact and affordable Nekteck jump starters are the way to go.

THe nekteck car jump starters on sale

the best Nekteck booster

HPBS Jump Starter – 2000A Jump Starter Battery Pack for Up to 8L Gas and 6.5L Diesel Engines, 12V Portable Car Battery Jump Starter Box with 3.0″ LCD Display (Red)
  • 【Powerful Performance】HPBS H2000 Car Jump Starter with the super 2000A peak. Jump starter Can easily jump-start (up to 8L gas or 6.5L diesel) 12v…
  • 【Upgraded 3.0″ LCD Display】Visible 3.0″ LCD portable car jump starter clearly displays all the information you need. When you have drained…

pros about nekteck’s jumper packs

Compact: The small design of these booster packs allow them to fit anywhere in your car so you can take them with you and have them ready when you need them.

Reliable: A dead battery does not warn. This is why the Nekteck jumper packs are designed to be ready to work as you expect, when you need them to.

Low cost: The investment you make in one of these is pretty low compared to the benefit of getting back on the road in minutes in a fast and secure way.

Powerful: Their most powerful model can produce up to 5000 peak amps, which is enough to jumpstart any gas vehicle and some big diesel engines as well.

12V DC Output: If you need to power other small appliances like tire inflators, or you are camping and want to use your coffee machine, the 12V DC output is there for you.


how to charge these boosters?

Just plug it to the wall outlet using the USB cable provided. You can also charge it using the cigarette lighter adapter in your car or from your laptop.

will these work with a v8 gas engine?

Absolutely. These jumper packs have enough power to bring back to life some big diesel engines, so a V8 gas is no problem.

Do these come with a storage case?

No. You’ll need to buy that separately as these units don’t come with it.

So these have air compressors?

No. These are just the jump starter. Although it has a 12V DC output to power a small air compressor to inflate your tires and other small appliances like vacuums.