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Power up your car battery and other small appliances with these jump starters with AC outlet. Perfect for campers who like to use their coffee machine or other small appliances in their tent.

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VTOMAN V12 Jump Starter – Car Battery Booster Pack 3500A with 100W AC Outlet for Charging Laptop, Powerful 12V Jump Box Power Pack (10L Gas/8L Diesel) with Jumper Cables, QC 3.0 Output, PD 18W Input
  • 【Super 3500A Peak Current】 VTOMAN V12 car battery charger jump starter with the super 3500A peak current. Jump starter can easy to jump start (up…
  • 【Starting The Totally Dead Vehicles 】If car battery charger jumper pack indicator light doesn’t light up or flash green, you just pressing the…

pros about jump starters with 110v outlet

Powerful: These boosters have enough power to not only jump start your gasoline or diesel car but also to run your coffee machine or a small fridge while you camp in your tent. This can be a lifesaver if you need to store extra food or water.

Cost-effective: While you get many features with these, you don’t have to pay more. Many of these boosters are sold between 100 to 200 USD, and some are even under the 100 USD price tag.

Compact: Portable power is awesome, and this is only possible thanks to the compact design these jumper boxes with an AC outlet have. This way you can take them anywhere you want and have power where you need.

Safe to use: Part of the technology of these boosters allows them to be safe to operate, so you don’t have to worry about sparks or damaging your car’s electronics when jumpstarting your engine.

Multi-function: Jump starters, AC outlets to power small appliances and battery power banks to charge your phone and other small gadgets. These boosters give a lot of value in single unit and without paying much. And some of these even come with an air compressor.



Coffee machines, small fridges, fans, lamps, laptops, small TVs and more. The time really depends on the power each model has, so be sure to check that when you’re purchasing your booster.