6 volt jump starters

Bring your lawnmower and other 6V vehicles back to life with these 6 Volt jump starters. Never run out of power again and leave a task incomplete.

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the top rated 6 volt battery jump starter

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advantages of owning a 6 volt jumper box

Versatile: Many of these boosters are also 6V/12V jump starters, which mean they work with both battery voltage ratings.

Multi-function: Besides jump starting your car, most of these units can also charge and maintain your car’s battery.

Cost-efficient: While you get a lot it does not mean you pay more. These 6V boosters are pretty affordable so you don’t have to break the bank account to get yours.

Safe Tech: Safety is important, and so these boosters also come equipped with safety features to ensure you have a great experience jumpstarting your car.



Yes. Some of these boosters are small and lightweight enough to carry them around with you in your car. However, most of these need to go connected to a power source to function, and so that is the only caveat you have to consider.