zundian jump starters

If you are looking for power and versatility, the Zundian jump starters are on point. Smart drivers choose these because of their portable design and cost-efficiency given their great capacities.



ZunDian 1800 Amp Battery Jump Starter with Air Compressor Car Tire Inflator, Portable Power Station 110V 400W Power Inverter USB DC AC Outlet, 12V Emergency Auto Battery Booster Box, Jumper Clamp
  • 【Complimentary $17 gift bag with car phone mount and safety hammer】: ZunDian AGM car jump starters provide up to 1800 Peak/700 instant peak…
  • 【400W Power Inverter AC/DC Outlet 】: High-performance portable power station equipped with a 22AH safety Lead-acid battery features with AC/DC/USB…


Powerful: These boosters are among the most powerful in the market since they are conceived to jumpstart anything from a 4-cylinder gasoline car to a big diesel engines in semi trucks.

Portable: Even when they are very powerful, these booster packs are not that heavy and you can take them with you anywhere so you have the power you need when you need it.

Multi-function: Zundian jump starters will not only boost your car or truck’s battery but also can inflate your tires and power up other small gadgets like phones and cameras. And some of these models com with both 12V and 24V versions so you have a lot of flexibility to jump start 2 types of vehicles.

Cost-effective: While not necessarily cheap at first sight, these boosters offer a lot in terms of options to power up your car and gadgets, and when you compare these with similar capacity boosters, you realize in deed these are pretty affordable.

Safety features: These boosters are spark proof so jump starting a car is never a scary thing for anyone. Also, forget about damaged car electronics because of a wrong connection thanks to the safe technology these jumper packs come with.


Why are some of these 12V and 24V? What does that mean?

That means you have the ability to jumpstart 2 types of vehicles, those with 12V batteries and those with 24V batteries, without having to spend more.

People tend to think that a 24V jump starter is good to jumpstart a regular car with a 12V battery, but that is not true.

For that, you need to purchase 2 separate units.

Yet some of these boosters have the 2 options and you simply switch from one to the other using a knob or a button. That is another reason why these are a great deal in both capacities and price.

Can I power up a small fridge or coffee machine with these?

Absolutely. These boosters are powerful enough to do that and come with the regular wall outlet so you plug your small appliances there just like you would do it in your house.

how do these units are charged?

Just plug them to a wall outlet and that is it.