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Hulkman Alpha 65

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The HULKMAN Alpha65 Smart Jump Starter gives up to 1200 Amp and boosts up to 6.5L Gas and 4L Diesel Engines. It doubles as a 12000mAh portable power source to charge your smartphone and other gadgets. It features boost function to bring back to life totally dead batteries. It is a 12V lithium booster pack.


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about this item

12V & 1200 Amps

6.5L Gas/4.0L Diesel engines

Boost function (Force start)

12000 mAh portable power source

Embedded LED flashlight

Technical Specifications

  • 1200 Amp (peak current)
  • 12 Volts
  • Works with up to 6.5L Gas and 4.0L Diesel engines
  • Operating temperature: -5℉ to 113℉
  • USB Out: QC3.0 18W
  • USB Out: 5V/2.4A
  • Type-C Out: (Power Delivery) PD18W
  • Type-C In: PD10W
  • 200 Lumen LED flashlight
  • 7.84 (length) x 3.74 (width) x 2.6 (height) inches
  • 2.6 pounds of weight

IS THE PRICE OF THE hulkman 65 worth it?

Yes. This booster is for sale at No products found. and is the most affordable jump starter from Hulkman.

Considering it will save your day when a dead battery crosses your way, its portability, plus all the features you get when you buy it, this price is a complete bargain.

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What comes inside the package?

What is in the box of the Hulkman Alpha 65
The contents of the package.
  • Hulkman 6.5 jump starter
  • 12V ergonomic needle-nose battery clamps
  • Type-C USB Cable (Out)
  • 10W Wall Charger
  • 2-Year warranty card & user manual

Advantages of this jump starter

1,200 peak Amps: Most Gasoline vehicles require between 300-400 Amps to start. This jumper has more than double of power. In the case of Diesel engines, these require double the power a gas engine of the same size, so the Hulkman 65 will easily jump up to 4.0L diesel cars.

12,000mAh battery: The batteries of small electronics like earbuds require around 400 mAh to fully charge. This means the Hulkman Alpha 6.5 could fully charge these earbuds 30 times before depleting all its charge.

Big 3.2″ LED display: This LED display will tell you when the jumper is ready for operation or if there is an error in the connection.

Up to 30 jumps on one charge: Depending on the size and condition of the engines you want to jump start, this booster has enough juice to help you. At the end of the day what matters is understanding this jumper can start several cars on a row with a single charge.

25% of the battery charge will jump your car once.

This booster pack is IP65 water resistance rated.

The Hulkman65 with the storage case

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You can also check the detailed post we did on the Hulkman 10.0 jump starter to learn all the great features this booster has.

reviews and opinions from current customers

With the 6.5, Hulkman is delivering a product that is both affordable and effective, and that is what people say online. Check some of the comments below to find out more about what current customers have to say about this booster.

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I’ve killed a lot of car batteries in my day, and have become intimately familiar with jumper cables over the years…


It was charged when I got it. So I used it a couple times then when I went to charge it it wouldn’t plug In…


Honestly really impressed with this device. It comes charged up and the build quality seems fantastic…

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How to jump start your car with this product

In just 3 simple steps you can have your car up and running again.

  1. Connect the red clamp of the jumper to the positive pole of your battery and the black clamp to the negative pole.
    • Pay attention to the screen of the Hulkman to confirm the connection is right. If no error message, you are good to go.
  2. Turn on the jumper and wait for the screen to read: Ready.
    • If the battery is heavily discharged then press and hold the On and Flashlight buttons for 3 seconds to use the force start function. This should be enough for the booster to detect the battery and get it ready to jump your car.
  3. Start the engine.

instructions manual

Additional considerations before buying

Included wall charger is 10W only, which makes the charge of the unit a bit slow. This booster is compatible with the SC65W wall charger from Hulkman but it is sold separately.

Storage case is sold separately.

Get this portable JUMP STARTER FROM hulkman

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this Hulkman jump starter

What are the CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) of this unit?

The peak Amps this unit can give to start your battery are 1200. There is no CCA rating for Lithium battery-based jump starters, only peak Amps.

CCA is a rating used for lead-acid batteries, so that does not apply to Lithium battery based jump packs like this one.

Can I force power to the battery with this jump starter?

Yes. Simply push both On and flashlight buttons for 3 seconds and the force start function will get active.

Can I jump more than one car on a single charge?

Yes. This unit can do several jumps on a row from a single charge. How many? it will depend on the engine size, the temperature, oil condition and battery charge of those cars.

Is this unit covered by any type of warranty?

Yes. Hulkman backs this and other products with 24 months warranty and lifetime technical support. Also, you have 30 -day money-back guarantee for any reason, although if the unit is not faulty and you just did not like the product, shipping costs will be on you.


Hulkman Alpha 65 12V/1200A | Start 6.5L gas/4L diesel | User friendly | Safe | ✅ Cost-effective jump box | Comparison Table vs top items.

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