duracell car jump starters

Never get stranded again with the power of Duracell jump starters. The brand is known to be a reputable source of power, and now your car can experience its benefits.

The catalog of the duracell portable jump starters

the best duracell jumper

Duracell 1800 Peak Amp Lithium-Ion Jump Starter Pack and USB Charger Power Bank with Bluetooth Connection, PowerHub App Teaches You How to Jump Start Any Vehicle…
  • 1800 Peak Amps of power to start 4, 6 and 8-cylinder gasoline engines with up to 8 liters of displacement and up to 6 liters on diesel engines (up to…
  • 2.4Amp USB port to quickly charge your cellphone or tablet while on the go.

pros about the duracell jumper packs

Up to 900 peak amps: This amount of amps is enough to jump start 8-cylinder gas vehicles, and some diesel engines as well.

Clear display: Forget the guesswork with the clear display that shows all you need to know about your jump starter and its functions.

USB Ports: Charge your phones, cameras, drones and other gadgets with this powerful battery bank.

Competitive Price: With its most expensive model just over the 100 USD price tag, Duracell’s have to be some of the most cost-efficient jump starters in the market.

Light and portable: These boosters are small and compact, and can fit inside your glove box or under the passenger’s seat.


how do you charge these boosters?

Just plug it to the wall and that’s it.


No. The biggest gas engine these boosters can power up are 5L.

are these also car battery chargers or only jump starters?

These units from Duracell only jumpstart your car, and won’t charge nor maintain the battery.