1250 Amps jumpstart up to 6.5L Gas and 4.0L Diesel engines

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The Noco Boost X GBX45 is among the best jump starters in the market. People prefer it because of its unbeatable price and its effectiveness. Here is all you need to know about it.

12V/1250 Amps Peak

6.5L Gas and 4.0L Diesel engines

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Technical Specifications

  • 1250 Amp (peak current)
  • 12 Volts
  • Works with up to 6.5L Gas and 4.0L Diesel engines
  • Operating temperature: -4°F to +122°F (-20°C to +50°C)
  • USB-A Out: 5V/2.1A
  • USB-C Out: 5V (3A/9V 3A/12V 3A/15V 3A/20V 3A)
  • USB-C In: 5V (1.5A/9V 3A/12V 3A/15V 3A/20V 3A)
  • Charge time for 1 jump start: 5 minutes
  • Fast charging time: 48 minutes full charge
  • Reverse Polarity Error LED
  • High Temperature Error LED
  • Low Temperature Error LED
  • Error LED
  • 100 Lumen LED flashlight
  • 3.28 (length) x 6.83 (width) x 2.08 (height) inches
  • 1.3 lbs (0.59kg)

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COMPARE The gbx45 noco boost vs similar items

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The GBX45 compared with other noco X boosters

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What’s inSIDE THE BOX OF the gbx45 jump starter?

What is inside the box of the NOCO Boost Plus GBX45.
  • GBX45 Boost Jump Starter
  • Heavy Duty Precision Clamps
  • 24″ USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Storage bag
  • User guide

ADVANTAGES of the noco boost x gbx 45

1250 Amps: This amount of power works to jumpstart 4 – 8 cylinder gas cars. In fact, 6.5L gas and 4.0L diesel engines are the perfect size for this booster.

Excellent cost-benefit: The price of this item is a real bargain, considering it is such a reliable jump starter with so many features. Other brands offer half of this for the same price.

You can depend on it: Noco is a brand with over 100 years of experience in the industry and they lead the market of jump starters. All their products are backed with a 1-year warranty and lifetime customer service. Besides, people say these boosters work, and it is true!

Force Start: Also known as manual override, this function allows you to force power through the battery even if it is heavily discharged. Not all jump starters in the market have this function because it is hard to design a booster that handles all of its power, but the Noco GBX45 has it.

Small electronics charger: This is a powerful battery bank that can charge your phone, laptops, drones, cameras and other small electronics several times.

USB-A & USB-C Ports: USB-C port is both in and out, and it charges the booster as well as other electronics.

5 min for 1 jumpstart: Noco went above and beyond with this jump pack and made it efficient and powerful. 5 minutes of charge are enough for 1 effective jump start.

48 minutes to full charge: While other jump starters with similar capacity take hours to go from 0 to 100% charge, the GBX45 is ready in 48 minutes, using the 60W charger (sold separately).

Spark Protection: Yes, even if the clamps touch each other.

Reverse Polarity Protection: Forget about damaging your car’s electronics because of a wrong connection. The reverse polarity protection will warn you about the reversed connection and will prevent the booster from working until you have corrected the issue.

High/Low Temperature Protection: Lithium batteries can operate only in a range of ambient temperatures. If the day is too hot or too cold, then an LED will let you know if the temperature protection is preventing the unit from operating.

Auto Shut-off: To better manage its power, the GBX45 has an auto power conservation function, which automatically turns off the jump starter if the engine is not started within 60 seconds after the booster was turned on. This way the GBX45 saves power.

Lithium Powered: Lithium batteries are much more efficient and can hold more power in less space than lead-acid batteries. This is why the GBX45 is so portable.

100 Lumen Tactical flashlight: Should you happen to have a dead battery at night, the GBX45’s flashlight will help you illuminate the way so you can jump start your car effectively.

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COMMENTS and reviews from current customers

This Noco GBX45 is a whole new experience with more functions and intuitive ways to use your jump starter. People are rapidly adopting this new line of products because they are more powerful and more efficient.

Check some Noco Boost X GBX45 reviews from current owners.

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I had bought an Everstart Maxx 1200A emergency battery charger/starter and it was ok initially. It takes long to charge, and once connected it does take…


Used this product one time without incident. Recharged properly and stored in hard Noco case that I bought to replace the cheap sock style case it came with…


I have (fortunately) not had occasion to use this yet, but I am very impressed with the design of the product, (small, light and compact with clearly labeled displays/ports), the packaging and…

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HOW TO USE THE gbx45 noco boost

The noco boost x GBX 45 is easy to use

While simple, here are a few things you may want to know:

  • Positive (+) pole of the battery gets the red clamp. Negative (-) pole of the battery gets the black clamp.
  • If the connection is right and there are no errors, the Charge LED will blink in a chasing pattern and the BOOST LED will illuminate solid white after pushing the ON button, to indicate you have 60 seconds to start your car. If you don’t do this within 60 seconds the booster will shut down itself and you’ll have to turn it on manually again.

WAIT… I have one of the leds ON – WHAT TO DO?

GBX45 noco features and LEDs

It depends on what LED is on. Most common problem is a reverse polarity, so just switch the clamps to correct this.

If the temperature of the internal battery is too hot or too cold, you’ll see one of these LEDs illuminated. You may need to wait for the unit to cool down itself if it is too hot or take it to a warmer place for a while so the temperature is right and you can jump start your car.

A blinking or solid Error LED means something else is happening and it is a good idea to check the manual below to know what is going on.

nothing happens and none of the leds are lit or blinking

Then you may be in front of a heavily discharged battery, which needs the manual override function to get started.

Make sure the connection is right before activating the force start function since all the safety features get disabled so the unit can force power through the dead battery.

Once you’re sure the connections is right, press and hold the manual override button for 3 seconds until the BOOST LED flashes. After this, start your engine.

Here are a few videos to show you how it’s done.

How to jump start your car with the GBX45
How to use the GBX45 Manual Override
The NOCO Boost GBX45 in action

User Manual and Specification Sheet

additional notes before buying this product

Manual override disables safety functions: It is important to use this mode with extreme caution because protections like spark proof get disabled to allow the current to pass through the battery.

Wall charger does not come inside the box: While it is true the GBX45 has fast charging capabilities, the 60W charger is sold separately. It is totally worth the money if you can spend it, but if not, you can use a spare charger you have at home or charge the unit directly from a USB port in your computer.

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Can I take this one on a plane?

Battery boosters like this are not allowed by the FAA to travel by plane in the checked luggage. You may be able to take it in the carry on bag but you need to check with the airlines and comply with all they require.

Is there a storage case for this unit?

Yes. The GBC101 protective case is the one that fits this model.

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is this unit also a charger o just a jump starter?

The GBX45 only has jump starter capabilities. It does not work as a charger for your car battery, but only for the batteries of small electronics.

Can i use this to jump start a 6V motorcycle?

No. This jump starter won’t work with 6V or 24V systems. Only with 12V batteries.

Noco Boost X GBX45

The NOCO Boost X GBX45 | 12V/1250A | 4-8 Cyl. cars | 6.5L Gas & 4L Diesel engines | Self-service jumpstart | Comparison Table vs similar items.

Product Brand: Noco Boost X

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 124.95

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • 1250 Peak Amps
  • Excellent Cost-Benefit
  • Force Start Function
  • Reliable
  • USB A/C port
  • Safety Features


  • Wall charger not included