craftsman cmxcesm256

Our Rating: 8.0

The Craftsman CMXCESM256 is a powerful and top performance 1200 peak amp jump starter with a powerful air compressor and a 110V outlet integrated.

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Our Rating: 8.0

The Craftsman CMXCESM256 is a powerful and top performance 1200 peak amp jump starter with a powerful air compressor and a 110V outlet integrated.

Peak Amps


Gas Engines

4 – 8 Cylinder

Air Compressor

100 PSI



Power Inverter

200 Watt


19.06 lbs


Sealed Lead Acid


12 Volts

USB Ports

2x Type A; 2x Type C

AC Output

12V 6A

Digital Display


AC Output

Yes – 110V


15.83 x 13.46 x 7.76 in

Safety Protections

Wrong Connection Detection

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pros and cons of the cmxcesm256


All in one solution jump starter

Air compressor

AC Outlet with power inverter

Portable design

USB Out ports

Digital Display

Embedded flashlight


A bit heavy

about this item

If you are wondering why should you get this item, this Craftsman portable power station is a very complete package at a great place.

1200 Amp (peak current)

12 Volts

Compatible with 4- to 8-cylinder engines

100 PSI automatic air compressor

12V 6A DC port

110V AC outlet

200 watt inverter

Four-port USB hub

LED flashlight

Made with strong and durable material

is the craftsman cmxcesm256 1200 jump starter worth it?

No products found. dollars may seem a bit high to spend in a jump starter, yet what you have to consider is that you are getting a type of insurance that you only pay once. The other product that comes inside the box is peace of mind.

For this price you are getting a unit that has it all. And you need to consider this unit has a lower price when compared to similar capacities boosters.

You get the tire inflator, the jump starter, USB portable power source, an AC outlet to power up small appliances and even a DC output to power vacuum cleaners and more.

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COMPAre the craftsman cmxcesm256 1200 amp jump starter with similar items

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advantages of the cmxcesm256 craftsman portable power station

Great PriceFor No products found. dollars you are getting a unit that can power up all your needs, and the best is if you compare it with similar portable power stations, you may not find a better deal.
Portable DesignThe CMXCESM256 has a handle at the top so you can easily carry it and take it anywhere you go.
All in one unitThis is a jump starter, a portable power source for USB devices, a powerful power inverter that turns on your AC devices, a flashlight and a tire inflator, all in one unit, and at a great price.
1200 CCAMost cars with 4 to 8 cylinder engines require between 200 and 500 Amps from the battery to start. This Craftsman supplies up to 1200 peak amp so you have more than you need to easily crank any car.
Embedded air compressorA flat tire won’t stop your day. This Craftsman jump starter comes with an air compressor that gives up to 100 PSI. Again, most commercial cars only need 32 to 40 PSI, so you have more than what you need.
Reverse connection detectionAvoid the potential damage to your car with the reverse connection detection. This jump starter and power station won’t supply any power to your car if you connect the clamps in the wrong order (a very common mistake), thus, it will avoid damaging your car’s electronics. You don’t have this protection with common jumper cables.
AC outlet with power inverterThis Craftsman jump starter not only supplies 1200 peak amps, but also comes with a powerful 200W power inverter that can turn on 100W bulbs and other electronics to help you during a blackout.
USB PortsThis unit comes with 4 USB ports, 2 are type A and 2 are type C. Thus, you’ll never run out of power in your cell phone or tablet.
Digital DisplayThis display shows useful information like the voltage of your car battery and the tire pressure setting.
Embedded flashlightA flashlight always comes handy to illuminate your way and do a successful jump starter if you happen to be in a low light situation.

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craftsman cmxcesm256 jump starter customer reviews


Frequent auto battery failures in today’s world can cause problems , this unit provides a fast and reliable solution…


I charged it for 3 days. When i unplugged the jumper it wouldn’t cut on. The battery wont hold a charge. It only…


This thing rocks. I’ve already used it a couple times to inflate my car tire which has a very slow leak (from a corroded rim) and jump started my neighbor once. It’s great to have around…

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is it true it does not come with a charging cable?

Yes. To charge this booster you need a heavy duty extension cord. You can use any you have at home or get one like the one below.

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how soon does this unit need to be recharged?

Manufacturer recommends charging the unit in the first 30 days after you purchase it and every 30 days after that.