hpbs jump starters

Bring your car back to life with the power of the HPBS jump starters. These boosters are reliable, compact and affordable, and smart drivers pick them because they work.


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hpbs car jump starters on sale

the best hpbs car battery jump starter

HPBS Jump Starter – 2000A Jump Starter Battery Pack for Up to 8L Gas and 6.5L Diesel Engines, 12V Portable Car Battery Jump Starter Box with 3.0″ LCD Display (Red)
  • 【Powerful Performance】HPBS H2000 Car Jump Starter with the super 2000A peak. Jump starter Can easily jump-start (up to 8L gas or 6.5L diesel) 12v…
  • 【Upgraded 3.0″ LCD Display】Visible 3.0″ LCD portable car jump starter clearly displays all the information you need. When you have drained…

pros about hpbs boosters

Compact: Their small design allow the HPBS boosters to fit anywhere inside your car so you can have them with you whenever you need them.

Affordable: All you get is at a great price. These boosters cost no more than 100 USD and still they are very popular because they do what they say. That makes them a great deal in the world of jumper boxes.

Powerful: These boosters can produce up to 2000 peak amps of current to start most gas and diesel engines.

Safe Tech: While powerful, all these boosters come with safety features to make the jump starting experience a breeze. No more sparks or damaged car electronics.

Power banks: Besides jump starters, these boosters are also powerful battery banks that will power up and charge your small gadgets like smartphones and tablets.



Yes. These boosters are designed to work with up to 8L Gas and 6.5L Diesel Engines. This range includes your 4-cylinder car.