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A dead battery is a super effective way to waste time and money and experience true frustration. This is why you need another equally effective way to fight back all of this. Here is where the NEXPOW T11F jump starter comes very handy. This portable booster pack is compatible with 12V cars and works with up to 7L gas and 5.5L diesel engines. It doubles as a powerful battery bank to charge your smartphone and other gadgets and features a built-in LED flashlight.




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pros and cons of the t11f JUMP STARTER


Unbeatable Price: This jump starter gives you a lot of power and other features at a great price, especially when you compare it with boosters of similar capacities.

Easy to Use: Just connect the booster cables to the jump starter, then the clamps to the battery terminals and start your engine. Remove the clamps after the engine started and that is it.

Compact & Portable Design: The Nexpow T11F only weighs 0.8 pounds and it is very compact so it can fit anywhere in you car and be ready when you need it.

Powerful: 1000 peak amps are enough to jump start V8 trucks. Specifically you can jump start up to 7L gas and 5.5L diesel engines, which is a range that covers most cars out there.

Charges your Phone: Its 38.48 Wh can charge several times your smartphone, drones, cameras, tablets and more via its available USB ports.

Lithium Battery: This is what allows this booster to be that small and portable. Contrary to the booster with Lead acid batteries which are heavier and bulkier.

8 Safety Features: Forget about seeing sparks or damaging your car when passing current. This booster has the technology that will keep you and your car safe.

Works at -4℉ to 140℉: The 1000A Nexpow jump starter works even when the temperatures are low, which means that even in those cold mornings you can be sure you’ll be able to start your car if its battery dies.

3-Mode LED Flashlight: While mostly overlooked, this flashlight comes very handy. Use it to illuminate your way in low light situations, ask for help with its SOS feature and warn others about potential dangers with its strobe function.

Compatible with 12V vehicles: As long as a vehicle has a 12V battery, this booster can help. This means that boats, cars, motorcycles, airplanes, lawnmowers and more are compatible with this jump starter from Nexpow.

Holds Charge for 8 months: There is no need to keep charging this booster all the time since it holds its charge for 8 months. This means it will be ready when you need it.


Needs 50% charge to work

4 – 5 hours charge time

No USB C Output

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Features and specifications

Why should you get this affordable jump starter? The T11F from Nexpow has all the power you need in a very small package, and here are all the features you need to know about it so you see why people choose it every time.

1000 Peak Amps

Up to 7.0L Gas Engines

Up to 5.5L Diesel Engines

12V Compatible

Weight: 0.8 lbs

Dimensions: 5.98 x 3.15 x 1.18 in

38.48 Wh Battery Bank

2x Type A USB Ports (5V/2.1A)

3 Mode LED Flashlight

-4°F to +140°F Operating Temperature

Lithium Internal Battery

8 Protection layers: Reverse Connection, Short Circuit, High Temperature, Overload, overcharge, over discharge, low temperature, and low voltage.


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In this video you’ll see how simple is to use the T11F to jump start your car in a matter of seconds.

REVIEWS and comments OF THE NEXPOW 1000A


The NEXPOW Portable Car Battery Jump Starter has earned its place as an invaluable companion in my vehicle. It’s not just a device; it’s a lifeline that has come to my rescue more than once…

Verified Purchase on Amazon


 was proudly carrying one of these in my car for a year or two since the battery let me down last time. The unit was fully charged. Over the weekend someone left an indoor light running in a Mazda 6 and it…

Verified Purchase on Amazon


I also did not expect this jump starter power pack to work! I had waited 7 hours for AAA to come and jump start my car, so in the meantime, not knowing what else to do, I ordered the jump starter which was delivered the same day, 30 minutes before the AAA person even showed…

Verified Purchase on Amazon

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If you are looking for another option, consider the Noco GB40 jump starter, which is currently the best selling and highest quality 1000 amp jump starter in the market.

▷ NEXPOW T11F 1000A Jump Starter

The NEXPOW T11F is a portable 12V car battery jump starter and ✅ power pack with USB Quick Charge. Starts 7L gas & 5.5L diesel engines.

Product Brand: Nexpow

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 42.49

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Editor's Rating:


  • Unbeatable Price
  • Easy to Use
  • Compact & Portable Design
  • Powerful
  • Charges your Phone
  • Lithium Battery
  • 8 Safety Features
  • Works at -4℉ to 140℉
  • 3-Mode LED Flashlight
  • Compatible with 12V vehicles
  • Holds Charge for 8 months


  • Needs 50% charge to work
  • 4 – 5 hours charge time
  • No USB C Output